Murmura/ Kurmura laddu| Puffed Rice Ladoo

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Puffed rice ladoos are made using jaggery and puffed rice ( murmura). I often make it , specially during winters and Makar Sankranti


  1. 3 bowls puffed rice( kumura/ murmura)
  2. 1 bowl jaggery


  1. Roast murmura on low flame for 1 minute
  2. Heat jaggery in a big vessel on medium flame
  3. Keep stirring and heating till jaggery melts
  4. It will turn  brown and liquid
  5. In a bowl of cold water add one drop of this liquid. If it solidifies and can break easily, add the puffed rice to it
  6. Mix well
  7. Switch off the gas
  8. Wet your palms and take small portion and shape the laddu
  9. Repeat for all laddus
  10. Store them in air tight box

Thanks for watching and reading this recipe. If you liked this recipe do share it with your friends. God bless you.  Happy Cooking!!!

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